Sheeran n Swift


if internet explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser then you’re brave enough to ask that girl out

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no ok im all for independent woman swift having fun and dancing with girlfriends im here for it ok im all about that life, but i dont like the fact that she’s ‘given up on love’ like how dare this trashcan world warp my favorite wide eyed girl’s view on love so drastically WHY U GOTTA DO ME LIKE THIS

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there has been 10 instances today where i have imagined being invited to the 1989 listening sessions and meeting taylor and hugging her and thanking her for helping me stay alive and telling her how much i love her and each and every one has ended in me crying 

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all, all, all too well


*1 second after sex*
*mom comes running in*
alright you two lovebirds up up up time to get these sheets in the wash

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Me trying out that new style again ft. Ed and kitty